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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Mercy LIFE different?

Mercy LIFE is a PACE program – a Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly designed to keep elders living at home through highly coordinated care and services. It is important to understand that this is a program.  Mercy LIFE is a health plan witha primary care practice, a day center, home care, social work, rehab services and more.  And this program is all-inclusive – we cover all the care and all the costs for our participants.

What insurance do you take?

Mercy LIFE is unique because we don’t “take” insurance. Rather, we are the insurance plan as well as the health care provider. We fully cover all necessary services and care from a flat premium we receive each month. That premium is paid either by Medicare & Medicaid, by Medicaid only, or by private pay.

Remember, there is no need for additional insurance because everything is covered in full by our premium. Even if you wanted to keep “good” insurance that is free or inexpensive, you cannot use it to pay for Mercy LIFE services. We are the insurance plan for Mercy LIFE participants, and we cover everything in full.

How much care can you provide?

Details on what services, support and education participants (and caregivers) might receive is determined after a thorough assessment by our team to determine your specific needs.  After that process, a specific care plan is developed tailored to those needs.

Why do I need to change my primary care physician?

The key component of our model is a tight coordination of care, which includes the ability of the primary care physician to speak face-to-face with the rest of the team delivering your care.

Is it really worth “starting over” with a new doctor?

Yes!  While Mercy LIFE offers the full continuum of care, nothing is as unique as our primary care services. Our physicians work only for us, so their time and energy is entirely focused on you. They can spend extra time with you, see you during a regular appointment at the center, or even make a house call if necessary.  It is a unique and special patient-physician relationship.

Do you provide transportation?

Yes, and this is one of the program components most appreciated by participants and their caregivers. Our Mercy LIFE vans are handicap-accessible, and our dedicated drivers will take you to and from our day center program and all medical appointments.

Can I just use (and/or pay privately for) part of the program like homecare or day care?

No. To use our services and facilities you must enroll in the program, a process which includes being assessed and ultimately making Mercy LIFE your new health (insurance) plan.

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